4 de diciembre de 2012

Following the Steps of the Birds

Por Alejandro Gómez Estudiante de la Facultad de Comunicación Social -Periodismo

Bogotá is a special place because it has water. The rivers, wetlands, streams and lakes are found throughout the city and arerich in biodiversity. However, man’s quest to find a place to live is leaving thousands of birds homeless. They are being forced to leave their natural habitats.
According to the Organization for Education and Environmental Protection Agency (OPEPA – Organización para la Educación y la Agencia de Protección del Medio Ambiente), in Colombia there are approximately 1860 species of birds, and in Bogotá and surroundings can be easily found over 100 of them. On the road to Medellin is Florida regional Park, a place for a year and is recovering in wetland ecosystem receives hundreds of birds that come to pass (like duck Canadian o Anas Discors) or displaced by the growth city.
Here in this park, people find a place to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of birds found there. For Alfredo Rojas, a frequent visitor, the park is a sanctuary for all species of birds fleeing from the noise of the city. He says “the city has become a stressful place for people on all sides are cement, fleeing birds because that is not peace, that’s not their environment”.
Seventeen species of birds can be spotted in the park among which are Tingua azul (Porphyrio Martinica), Garcita bueyera (Bubulcus Ibis) and Cucarachero de pantano (Cistothorus Apolinari). According to Juan Rodriguez, a local guide, in some seasons, people can see other species, especially migratory groups of over 50, those groups seeking a quiet place to rest while resuming their trip.
Actualidad Extéreo tried to talk with Bogotá Ornithological Association (ABO Asociación Bogotana de Ornitología) but the address was not found and the phone went unanswered. According to the Humboldt Institute, in a few words on the International Day of the Birds, Bogotá is a fortunate city because: “birds are proud to Colombia, and also a great responsibility. It should work for this diversity of life that exists on our planet in a time scale that allows evolutionary processes are given”
The birds are part of Colombian ecosystems. However they are in danger and human action threatens to put them in danger of extinction. It depends on people conserving this resource for the enjoyment of future generations.